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New: Report on the Collision between USS FITZGERALD (DDG62) and Motor Vessel ACX CRYSTAL

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This is a page for the community.

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There has been an apparent increase in sketchy profiles which may be spammers, so we have increased the level of difficulty in the sign-on questions. If you link to sketchy web sites, your account will be blocked as a spammer. If you think this has been done unjustly contact Support.


2015-11-02 -- Grrrrr!! AAmpere (amp), SI unit of electrical current bug has surfaced in File Upload. It may be related to the installation of the Social Profile extension (see below). We will be trying to fix the issue on Sunday Nov. 8.

  • This issue has been tracked to a specific cause.
  • Disabled the point system in the Social Profile.

2015-10-26 -- Social profile has a feature "Foes" which we don't want, and whose display we have turned off, but the toggle doesn't seem to work so you can still see it. Unfortunately with all software we have to pretty well take it as it comes. We will report it as a bug.

System News

2016-10-18 -- Added a mobile front end for access via smartphone.

2016-09-25 -- Upgraded to version 1.26.4.

2015-12-02 -- Added Glossary. Hover over an abbreviation in text such as FFarad, SI unit of capacitance, also Freeboard and you will see the definition as a tooltip.

2015-11-28 -- Upgraded to Mediawiki version 1.26.0. One change you might notice is that long passwords are now enforced.

2015-10-26 -- Added a social profile extension. This provides a Profile, Friending, Message Board, etc. See My WikiSea in the left navigation.

2015-10-18 -- Updated to VVolt.1.25.3, mainly to fix the bug in email tokens. This was the first update in the cloud, so we approached it with some trepidation. Fortunately everything went well. With WikiSea in the cloud at AWS, everything has to be done remotely.

2015-09-17 -- Had to implement CAPTCHA on new sign-ups to discourage SPAM bots.

2015-09-01 -- Still working on implementing the visual editor.

2015-07-30 -- Wikisea migrated from a development server to a cloud server at AWS. WikiSea uses the Mediawiki software used by Wikipedia.